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Mazen Al-Tomaizi

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Watching CNN tonight, and we get the latest report from the front. A Bradley Fighting Vehicle was attacked in Baghdad, disabled, burst into flames. (We are informed that all US personnel were successfully evacuated…)
And then this.
A crowd of people gather around the empty burning APC. Some are celebrating, some appear to simply be hanging about, watching… An Al-Arabiya reporter – a young, handsome guy – is reporting from the scene. And then, in the characteristic temporality of our time – out of nowhere comes concusion, smoke, fire. The reporter suddenly doubles over as the smoke fills the shot. A US Apache helicopter had opened fire on the crowd.
The cameraman reports later the last words of his co-worker, Mazen Al-Tomaizi:
“Seif, Seif! I’m going to die. I’m going to die.”
I rewind the program and watch it again (I have a DVR – I can do this sort of thing). I notice two things:
1) None of the people crowding around the Bradley, even standing on top of it, are visibly armed. No guns anywhere that I could see.
2) Immediately after the rocket lands, two, maybe three, drops of Al-Tomaizi’s blood dot the camera lens, my television screen. Tiny, almost invisible.

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September 13, 2004 at 11:11 pm

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