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Josh Marshall cites a poll that (somewhat ambiguously) confirms what I’ve been suspecting for awhile now. Everytime they show the polls on tv with Nader included, Nader’s picking up 5 percent (more or less the same number he was hitting in 2000, when I and beaucoups of other progressives voted for him). Given the fact that none of the folks that I knew would vote for Nader now – it’s almost laughable to even think about it – I’ve been wondering if a large number of the people chiming in for him in these polls don’t actually lean Republican.
The folks who voted Reform, Perot, who are pissed about outsourcing, about Walmart stealing their family business, corporate welfare, and the like… Interesting. Maybe it should be us instead of the Shady Right Wing Groups sending Ralphie the money…

New ICR poll, conducted September 1st-5th …
With Nader, among ‘likely voters’: Bush:46, Kerry: 46, Nader: 4.
Without Nader, among ‘likely voters’: Bush 48, Kerry 47.
Without Nader, among ‘registered voters’: Bush 46, Kerry 47.

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September 8, 2004 at 11:46 pm

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