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Preemption: Blog Version

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A modest proposal:
The rumor is floating around that the “October Surprise” we’re all waiting for from the Bush & Co. is that Cheney will be dropped “at the advice of his doctors” and either McCain or Guiliani will be added to the ticket as VP.
From Dan Rather’s Convention Journal:

Not much of it, really. Only a few people besides workmen inside the hall. Among the few who were there, the most popular topic of conversation was whether President Bush might surprise and announce during the convention that Vice President Cheney would not be running with him this year.
This rumor has swirled around a bit from time to time throughout the year, the chatter being that Mr. Bush would prefer to run with Sen. John McCain – or maybe Rudy Giuliani – and will sooner or later find a way to do it.
No one can be found inside the Bush-Cheney campaign who does anything but scoff at this. That, of course, doesn’t keep people from musing about it and some were today, but none of them were anywhere near in a position to know anything.
They were just shooting the bull.

I have no idea if this would be a terrific idea or not.
But… in the interest of depriving the Repubs of yet another weapon in their infinite-seeming arsenal of campaign tricks, I’ve got an idea. Maybe it’s a dumb idea, but here goes:
Since we all know that if something like this were to happen, the “liberal media” would be all gravitas and condolences, wouldn’t so much whisper the idea that this was all planned out from the beginning, that the “doctor’s orders” is all a bunch of bs…
Why not let’s have the important left bloggers pick a day in the near term and all post the same message, something like this:

I am hereby predicting, despite the fact that I have absolutely no inside information on the topic, and furthermore I am not a medical doctor specializing in televisual and/or clairvoyant diagnosis, that Dick Cheney will drop out of the race sometime between now and election day because of the advice of his doctor and/or a physiological event of whatever severity.

Get enough of posts along these lines, and, well, who knows if it will do anything. But we can forward the archival posts along to the talking heads at CNN to try to preempt their shock at the tragic surprise announcement.
How the hell did all of us know this would happen, while Wolf Blitzer is treating it as an unfathomable surprise??? Catch my drift?
(I kinda wish Kerry and his people would start thinking along these lines… Start anticipating what’s going to come down the pike to flush him. Like when “senior Republicans” are bragging that “By the time the White House finishes with Kerry, no one will know what side of the (Vietnam) war he fought on” – you take that seriously and man the guns… )
Preemption, in other words…

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August 30, 2004 at 1:50 am

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