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Olympic Pictograms

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Really excellent post at the terrific site Design Observer . (Wish they posted more frequently though – I’m always excited to see something new up.
This one’s on the Olympics and design, and features some great stuff about the Olympic pictograms rolled out for the 1972 Munich games. God they’re terrific. Go take a look here, where they’re mixed in with a lot of other wonderful ones…
I’ve always had a serious thing for pictograms, road signs, etc… Remember when I was a little kid spending a whole summer staring at this comprehensive guide to street signs that was on the back of a Canadian road map I got at the tourist place by my grandmother’s house.
But theseMunich guys take the cake. Like to print them up at put them in little frames all around my house.

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August 26, 2004 at 12:52 am

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