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WhizI saw this live the other day too. Atrios put it up though. The thing is, that they act like this is the silly, backpage stuff that cleanses the palate or something after all the hard news, the tough policy analysis. But, really, this is all there is. Just levels and grades of bullshit. And cheese-steaks.

CROWLEY: Now, you all know that in election years, nothing goes unanswered. Nothing. But sometimes responses take a little while.
We want to begin this story about a year ago, when John Kerry went to Philadelphia and a famous cheese steak place called Pat’s. There he ordered, of course, a cheese steak, but he ordered it with Swiss cheese. That’s kind of a food faux pas in Philadelphia. You’re supposed to order it with Cheez Whiz, maybe American, but Swiss cheese, definitely a faux pas.
Now who notices these kinds of things? As it turned out, the Bush campaign did. Did we mention that the president was near Philadelphia today?
GEORGE W. BUSH: You know, this is my 32nd visit to your state since I’ve been president. A lot of people wonder why I’m coming so much. It ought to be obvious to you; I like my cheese steak Wiz with.
CROWLEY: There were also complaints at the time that John Kerry took dainty bites of his Philadelphia cheese steak. Unfortunately, the president did not get into that.

They act as if it’s funny, but given the fact that for a large lump of the American public, this is all the news they’re hearing… So, they’re gonna end up making their decision based on the fact that Kerry is a swiss-cheese eating pansy…

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