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Olympic Product Placement?

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Dead horse, the commercialization of the Olympics. It gets to like “Who cares…” after awhile. But this, for sure, is a new low – at least if it is what I think it is.
Costas was just interviewing Michael Phelps after he won yet another event, 100 meter butterfly I think it was. Six golds, Mark Spitz, all the rest. Seems like a nice enough guy, in a mildly dumb jock sort of way. And then this, complete non-sequitur:

Costas: Five seconds. What did you have for breakfast this morning. We’ve seen those big stacks of pancakes and Egg McMuffins.
Phelps: Ah, no… Nothing big this morning.
Costas: Light this morning?
Phelps: Light this morning. This morning it was just some oatmeal and some fruit. But tomorrow morning it will be McDonalds for sure.

Seems to me like the not quite invisible hand of product placement has had a touch in this, no? Just out of nowhere, turning the topic to breakfast like that, toward McMuffins and lobbing it up for Phelps to hit it, as it were, over the Golden Arches. And weirder, the thought that NBC and Costas and Phelps and McDs were all in on it together…
I guess it might be inspired by the whole Superbowl / “I’m goin’ to Disneyworld” awfulness. But what’s next? Maurice Greene giving us the old “Tomorrow night, I’ll be watching Scrubs on Fox. Oh yah!”
(BTW – have to give the wife props for this one. She spotted it dozing off in bed in the next room…)

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August 20, 2004 at 11:52 pm

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