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Six Feet Under

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Just got around to watching this Sunday’s episode of Six Feet Under. It’s not been a good season so far – for a lot of reasons, so many that it’d take too long to get into it right now. But Dale Peck’s done a good job of explaining what’s wrong here – which probably won’t be up for long so hurry up and look at it.
Peck’s right – taking a look at American Beauty – one of the most seriously fucked movies to come out in awhile – is the first thing to do to understand what’s going wrong with SFU now.
But watching Sunday’s episode tonight, there was a glimmer of hope. Quickly extinguished. But for a second, I thought they were going to open up the whole “Nate killed Lisa” line of thought again. All last season, up until the very end, I thought that the show had something totally brilliant up its sleeve. Starting from the first episode, Nate’s “near death” experience, it seemed like they were hinting at the idea that the entire season was some sort of safer, alternate world created on the death bed as an act of contrition or something… That marrying Lisa was a dream-life alternative to his tawdry existence in the sway of Brenda. But a dream-life which quickly took a turn for the sour, the boring. And thus, just as his marriage to Lisa had been dreamed into existence, her death too was Nate’s doing as well…
I was so convinced that this was what was up last season. I was so hoping that they were reopening this line tonight. But not so…
A. Ball, it’s not too late to save your show. To do something honest and a little bit revelatory with it!

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August 19, 2004 at 1:05 am

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