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Saw Code 46 last Friday night, its opening in NYC. Super excited by the reviews that I saw.
A few comments:
Terrific to set it in Shanghai. Had a little squealy moment when Tim Robbins is walking in a park that just so happened to be the park right at the foot of my hotel a week or two ago. And it just so happens that as I was walking through that part a week or two ago, I muttered to my partner in Asiatic adventure “This park feels like the future.” So, same wavelength as Winterbottom or whoever picked it. Squeal.
Strange to have Hong Kong stand in for Seattle, though.
What else? Though I almost instinctively feel the need to defend the film – it just looked so good, had such a brutally cool feel – I had to agree with my better half who expressed some confusion as to the many little plot balls up in the air, not all of which were fully put to use. Immigration, cloning, sino-copying, tech, love, everything at once.
Trying not to spoil…
Really enjoyed the movie, but definitely agree with whatever reviewer it was who said that the movie felt skimpy-short, deserved another half hour or so…

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August 10, 2004 at 12:03 am

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